about Universel Cripto Minning Club
Who are we?

Universel Cripto Minning Club is an investment platform. The Universel Cripto Minning Club leadership team brings over 8 years of experience in trading, crypto-currencies, and software development.

The cryptocurrency universe has hit the headlines over the last few years for many reasons: technological benefit, blockchain, and capital growth. A professional and methodical mindset is mandatory to be successful when it comes to investing in such a complex ecosystem.

At Universel Cripto Minning Club, we have learned how to master the cryptocurrency market with advanced trading solutions that can also be applied and adapted to other financial markets. We have achieved consistent returns over the last 4 years: 28.7% monthly on average. During this period, a small circle of large investors benefited from our expertise. We created UNIVERSEL Cripto Minning Club in June 2020 to offer our trading solutions to the general public in the form of network marketing.

Our mission & core values
UNIVERSEL Cripto Minning Club seeks to provide trading solutions and significant returns to our customers.

Our solutions are mainly automated and crypto-oriented, but we also take advantage of other markets: Forex, Gold, Stocks, and shares. Some of our trading methods integrate human management to combine the benefits of automated and discretionary trading.

We offer these trading solutions through three investment contracts. Our customers invest in one of these contracts, and they benefit from a daily passive income the very next day. In return, we apply a performance fee: 30% of the daily return. Moreover, once the Universel Cripto Minning Club platform has achieved a +100% return on the client's initial investment, the Contract is completed, and all future profits are paid to Universel Cripto Minning Club. As a result, we ensure the sustainability of our business model.

What makes Universel Cripto Minning Club unique?

Focus on the Customer
We spend the time to explain our business model, and we are very responsive. We are reachable by email, phone, and social networks.

Take Ownership
The Universel Cripto Minning Club platform is based on automated trading systems; this takes away emotions and works by scalping the markets daily and removing any high-risks trades.

Adaptative mindset
We stand out from the competitors: we are a young team, and our crypto background has enabled us to deal with the most unpredictable and complex market conditions. Unfortunately, one cannot say the same about some of the hedge fund industry's biggest names who underwent their worst-ever losses during Coronavirus Chaos.

Attractive career plan
Not only do we provide advanced trading solutions, but we also offer unique rewards to the customers who are willing to build a team within our company.